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Leh Top Games of '07

Postby Spaced Ape » Mon Jan 07, 2008 3:55 am

Now that the holiday season has come and gone and people have gotten a chance to play the games that came out for this past year, let's rank them. I'm going to do a simple five and keep it to console, as my PC is so crap it won't play anything new now-a-days and I haven't owned a portable console in years.

5) God Of War 2

GOW2 Is probably the best way for any last gen console to go out with a bang. The story is beautiful, the bosses are epic, and the controls are sharp and fun to work with even after using them for hours. I would probably write more about it if weren't so long ago in the year that I played it. I just remember it at least deserved my fifth spot.

4) Rock Band

The perfect home multiplayer game. It would be much higher on the list if not for the many gripes I have with it. Let me tell you right now that if you've ever played Guitar Hero before this, don't go to guitar expecting the same thing as both the fret buttons and strum bar are different in feel, which will effect you. The drumming is hard as hell and uncomfortable to play if you're tall. Everything else is A+.

3) BioShock

Some of the most fun and beautiful scenery ever experienced in a video game, this game has it and more. A game that allows you to be as smart with it as you can be, there are a multitude of ways of killing said problematic motherfucker without wasting a single bullet. But don't take my word for it, I insist you try it for yourself if you haven't yet.

2) Mass Effect

One of the deepest and greatest stories ever told in video game history coupled with great customizable and action-packed gameplay. As far as suggesting someone to buy this, it all depends. If you're patient and enjoy things like reading and engrossing stories then this is perfect, if you want none-stop killing then stay away from this game like the plague. But I have a long history with RPG's (this one beat out my old favorite).

1) Orange Box

And who didn't see this coming? If you honestly did not think of this as game of the year, then I will never consider you a sane mind. The fact that it comes with 5 games for regular price is enough to earn the spot in these days of greed. But no, every single game inside shines. Half Life 2 will always be considered a masterpiece in games, and the expansions do nothing but make it better. I had more fun playing Episode 2 then I did BioShock and Mass Effect combined. Portal has set the bar not only for puzzle games but video games in general. And Team Fortress multiplayer is more enjoyable to me than (almost) any other multiplayer this year. The Orange Box is, at least in my book, the best contender for greatest game yet.

Honorable Mentions:

Halo 3-
While Halo 3 is probably the best online FPS released yet, the single player campaign is shit. I was so sick of the Flood by the end of the game that I was about ready to not even bother with the ending just so I could stop dealing with the same damned creature I had just killed seconds ago respawning because I didn't bother killing every little parasite. And the end boss battle was worse than shit. If you haven't played it yet, I'm going to spoil it for you right now. You have to kill Guilty Spark. If you don't remember who that is, then deal with it. But killing Guilty Spark is like squashing a dead fly that has no wings with a brick wall. Your weapon is a laser cannon. It takes 3 shots. Guilty Spark's weapon is a laser as well. It takes about 10 hits to kill you, as long as you stand still the whole time and refuse to shoot GS. I hate the single player campaign so much that I've refused to ever play it again.

Super Mario Galaxy-
This game is fun. But it's also tedious and repetitive. The same formula is used time and time again: Go to a planet and the first star is used to help you get familiar with the planet. The 2nd and 3rd are either a boss (who are designed to challenge retarded coma patients) or a puzzle (which at times can be challenging, but always have something to do with twirling your wiimote). SMG proves now more than ever that it's time Nintendo, the company I've always known and loved, to grow up and learn how to make and original game.
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