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Dead Space

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 10:50 pm
by TonyRockyHorror
Just got this game a few days ago and just finished it tonight. It is about a team of people going to rescue people on a ship called the Ishimura. One thing leads to anotbher and you're left alone pretty quickly. You encounter these really odd looking monsters, and the way to kill them is you have to shoot off their limbs. It's great aiming at their legs, shooting them, and watching them fall forward and still crawl towards you. The graphics are really amazing too. There are 2 main boss fights, which aren't really that hard, but are so amazing to look at. They are MASSIVE! The enemies get harder and in greater quantities the further into the game you get. The plot twists a few times which keeps you hooked into it.

I give it a B cause it could've beens scarier and perhaps a bit longer. Replay value is good to me cause I want to try it on a harder setting. Get this game! :twisted: