Internet Explorer in Vista

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Internet Explorer in Vista

Postby Astica » Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:48 am

I hate Internet Explorer. Almost as much as I hate Vista. Firefox is my default and we are very good friends. However, my computer has been slow as fuck lately and every time I use CCleaner it always ends up deleting a bunch of cookies and history and shit generated by IE, even though I never use it. Since its dead weight and doing weird shit, I wanted to uninstall it, but Vista wont let me. I've tried uninstalling in programs, uninstalling updates and just plain deleting the folder in programs, but apparently I don't have the authority to do so :(

There are rumours on the internet that its actually not possible to uninstall IE in Vista, is this so? And can anyone recommend me any other ways of getting it to sit still and not do anything if it wont just go away when I tell it to?

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Postby Azgarth » Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:30 am

you CAN'T uninstall IE, it's integral to the system.
you can turn it off in windows options tho.
offhand, it's:
control panel -> programs -> turn windows features on or off

removing iexplore.exe and the like can seriously fuck your system up, don't even try it.

as for sluggishness, run autoruns and see what's all running at startup, see if you can uninstall the stuff you don't use at all, and remove those from startup that you don't want to run every time you boot your computer.
just uncheck them, don't remove items, you may need them later.
don't disable dll's and the like either, unless you really know 'what you're doing.
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