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Google Chrome Extensions

Postby Palmer » Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:25 am

I don't often see threads like this.

So here are a few Google Chrome browser extensions that I recommend:


- Dispostable is great for fighting spam using disposable emails if you don't want to deal with messages or want anonymity. When you have the extension, right click and select the "Insert disposable address" and the output will be something like this:
It opens the inbox in a new tab automatically, delete your message and close it out to get rid of it.

Save As PDF

- Good for saving full web pages as .pdf files. So, if someone writes an article/post or something on an .html file or plain text on a website, just click the .pdf button and it will put it in your default 'Downloads' folder as a PDF.

IE Tabs

- I almost never need to use this or Internet Explorer. However, there are websites out there that only work on Internet Explorer.
IE tabs emulates an Internet Explorer tab in Google Chrome so the user can avoid opening the actual Internet Explorer browser. Thusly, creating a page that works in Chrome and IE.

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