Cargill-S Grain Elevator

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Cargill-S Grain Elevator

Postby Guitar_clock » Sun Dec 16, 2007 12:50 am

*snip* - got rid of the last poem because I thought it sucked.


It’s chilly.
Or maybe I’m just shivering because I’m nervous.
Either way, there’s not much comfort to be had here.
This place is owned by the railroad
and I’m trespassing.
This place gives my city some height
and as a kid I thought it was a castle -
a large, looming, ominous concrete structure
at the edge of some tracks
and the edge of a river -
a magnificent landmark of glorious battles
seen long ago at this very spot.

The first time I was here I got to see what was inside.
Not much to see, really, other than a concrete hallway
with pillars lined up and down till the end.
In some places there’s some dirt on the ground.
In others, some old paintballs
a rotting pillow
and some stuff that smells like rat piss in the corner.
I don’t even want to know

There are huge rusty funnel-shaped things above me
I’m sure could crush me
if I were that unlucky.
It’s the chance they might fall that quickens my step just a little.
My mom never wants me to come here
because this is where bums hang out
and druggists, and people that die on accident.
A piece of concrete could fall off and smash every bone in my body
but this doesn’t dawn on me.

I’m too caught up in the moment for “danger.”
At least inside here I’m not easily seen,
and by seen I mean by the railroad guys.
I heard they call the cops
or just blast you with sand guns.
I’ve passed by a railroad truck before, though.
He didn’t seem to mind.
No, not a worry for him.
If I’m gonna get killed, at least I knew it well.
Hell, just looking at it you suppose
that place is dangerous:
do not go inside.

Walking the outside of it
I nearly fell in a pit
to a doom at least five meters below ground.
I suppose it was a basement
whose roof, over time, was covered with grass
but then was blessed with a person-sized opening.
Phew, I saw it at the last second.
Spooked me a little,
but on I went.

And this place is filled with heritage.
Many places like it were the heart of my city’s economy
in times past.
That cash-crop has moved on, though.
It does happen.
But alas, here places like these stand
and in this one I can nearly hear the work that went on
day and night
by people stronger than me
who knew how to operate all the machinery.

I can hear the ships that passed by in the river
and the sounds of the elevator clanking while cranking.
The men on board yelling to the men on shore
getting their procedure straight
and working for a hard day’s pay.
I smell the sweetness of the grain
and the exhaust of the machines.
I almost feel like I’m in someone’s way
because of how busy it is
on an average day in summer.

I only came here to look around
as I do every time I arrive at this place.
I leave, thinking I forgot something.
Shivering a little once again from either the cold
or being outside on the forbidden land -
abandoned in practice -
but not on paper.

And every time I leave I look back, and nod.
Years of hard work and prosperity
came from this once awesome building.
‘Tis a shame it’s now covered in rust
but it’s also being covered with grass and plants.
Goes to show how humans were once at the top
and now nature is taking over again
but taking its steady time.
I admire that.
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Postby obskewer » Sun Dec 16, 2007 8:51 am

Agreed. Alcohol makes everyone a fool.

It's good, on a straightfoward note.

Emotions are controllable, btw. You just need to learn how to refocus your thoughts.

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Postby Spaced Ape » Sun Jul 15, 2012 4:58 am

Is there a promised land
Or am I on the journey going to nowhere?
Are the streets paved with gold
Or am I slipping on the mold that slowly grows there?
DevilDriver - Monsters of the Deep

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