Doom 2 Level design

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Doom 2 Level design

Postby StuGa » Sat Mar 22, 2008 3:54 pm

I found my old Doom2.WADs on my server and played them.

There are 4 Levels which I have made.

1 Level is combined with Wolfenstein 3D. Maybe you should cheat in hear.

2 Level is a Level which you will never managed without cheating.

3 Level is a Level where you have to use your brain. Or not because of a unknown reason the secret doors doesn´t work anymore :/ . So you have also to cheat here !

4. Level is just for fun. A endless fight against Zombies, Spiders and more. You can´t finish this Level so just leave if you have enough.


Just type the codes when the level has started. You will notice if the cheat works.

Godmodus - iddqd (All Levels)
Allkeys - idkfa (Level 2)

Download the WAD, Doom and Doomsdayengine
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