bittersweet reqiuem (a poem/rap)

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bittersweet reqiuem (a poem/rap)

Postby Imperfekt_x » Tue Apr 14, 2009 8:34 pm

she says i'm kinda mysterious
i think shes kinda delirious
but i am a bit curious
what the attraction is
where the satisfaction is
where i'm a hopeless, halfway homeless, homely,
wanna be homey just searchin for my purpose
fake burnout unsure of how my lifes gonna turn out
I'm priceless but near lifeless
so when i say i'm not sorry
and in my voice theres no kindness,
know that i don't mean it,
its just my brain talkin
but still your heading for that door
and i can't keep you from walkin

know that i feel know anger to you
know that i couldn't if i tried
know that tonight i'm still missin you
even tho it's all gone awry
know that i feel no anger to you
i dont hate you tho i've tried
know that the thought of dismissin you
still makes me wanna lay down and die

yes i'm hopeless
barely making progress
i just regress
and i'm losing focus
as i frantically scribble these lines in my notebook
i realize i'm no better than a half-wit crook
in a movie by mel brooks
yes i'm hopeless barely keeping focus
as i frantically scribble these lines in my notebook
i realize the day that it ends
will be the day the earth shook


now i keep tellin you
my bark is worth than your bite
and you kept tellin me
everything will turnout alright
do you know
i still cry myself to sleep at night?
after every single little fight
and after all the times you've let me down
all the times i made you frown
all the times you said i'm just a clown
your still the one who made me turn my life around


now i'm feeling appathetic
and trying to be poetic
but just sounding pathetic
as i try to keep it coepesetic
as i pour my heart out
and writhe in self-doubt
i realize the only true happiness
comes from being numb
but i cant handle that
so'll just live my life sad and in love
happy but dumb

If i had a Auto-biography, it'd be entitled "Epic Fail"....

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