Mount Saint Michael Time

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Mount Saint Michael Time

Postby Elen Sila » Thu Aug 27, 2009 4:06 pm

Mount Saint Michael Time

There's something I lose in the sound of your foot steps
The clicking report of your thought
When I hear that patter all noise and all chatter
Are swallowed up into the naught

Often I find myself searching for you
I long for your gentle percussion
Even when weighed down with things I must do
You relieve me from senselessly rushing

Even when the days slip free
From my desperate grasp and flee
Moments endure indefinitely
When I have you pressed close to me

Even when I'm running dry
I mass my strength til fit to fly
Listening to your clicking beat
Steadily grow swift and fleet

There's something I find in the sound of your foot steps
A memory from my hajj to your home
On a rock in the sand you held time in your hand
And bore it with me high above the foam

Your heart is beating to mount saint Michael time
Though the white waste glows in your face
I set your mind to the sound of his chime
And in my ear, in the echo, is the trace

Even as those images die
You recall them to my eye
Yet again that mount I climb
For in you lives in me his time

But even on saint Michael's call
You cannot escape what all
Must succumb to at the last
Whether you run slow or fast
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