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Postby Ay-Ze » Sun Mar 06, 2011 5:28 am

Ok, so in preparation for a short skit of the movie Chicago at our school, I did the most unbelieveable thing and... watched the movie. I can honestly say I am extremely sad that I haven't seen this earlier, and it is totally going on my personal movie shelf and on my ipod full of showtunes!
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Postby playsmartcasino » Wed May 18, 2011 5:48 am

Chicago is the nice movie so in preparation for a short skit of the movie Chicago at our school his movie Chicago "razzle-dazzled" me into a state of great stage memories & utter delight in the revival of a dynamite musical Bring them on! Don't know about you, but I need real entertainment... considering I live in the US during it's most politically corrupt decade I need a dance, singing & music that is equal in intensity to my blues symptoms. "Chicago" is one of my 'cures'.My favorite production is "The Jailhouse Tango." It made me reach way back to Elvis's "Jailhouse Rock." However, the stage of this era is much more well equipped to do such a gigantic show-stopping, lengthy, hysterically funny & ever so well danced & sung routine. I can watch that 1 number time & again & find something new I love about it. I also have to agree with the other commentators who couldn't find a single 'bad' number in the entire show.

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