Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

Postby Davion Fuxa » Wed Jan 28, 2009 2:13 am

I purchased this game Sunday because I got myself all hyped up playing my C&C games, with the exception of Red Alert 2. What I can say now is that I don't think I will be purchasing Red Alert 4 should it ever come into being. But Tib Dawn 4, still has hope at least.

What I can say about Red Alert 3 is that for all the goodies they gave it, comes at a loss in terms of everything that made Command & Conquer fun. The Original C&C.... scratch that, the original Dune 2000..... scratch that again, the original Dune 2 was a masterpiece that inspired most RTS that follow it; including Blizzards Starcraft/Warcraft RTS and all the C&C's. The thing of love in that game comes from the simpleness of playing, along with the sheer fun in gameplay, all at the click of a mouse.

In a sense, the biggest thing to hate is that this game isn't simple. Every single unit, from the simple starting infantry to the most advance tank, plane, or ship; has something unique about it, and comes with a primary and secondary weapon. A lot of units also have amphibious forms, far more then what they should have. It also seems like there is little balance with some units being really strong and some being quite weak. Finally, there is the problem of having to manually micromanage all your units, and almost having to do it individually, I'm sure people love Starcraft in the lack of having to micromanage a whole lot*, or just playing Zerg which was anti-micromanagement. This game didn't have such a faction. The utmost worst thing however was that it felt like Warcraft (I mean 1 or 2, not 3) or Starcraft... No, Starcraft is too good a game to compare to this, rather then Command & Conquer, in the Footman vs Grunt aspect.

It did have its goodies, I will give it that, and some other aspects that make C&C, C&C were up to par (movies, actors, and Hollywood appeal) and to be fair I'll mention some of the new things. The First to mention would be the Coop play. By this, I mean, COOPERATIVE PLAY ANYTIME, AND ANYWHERE! Be in Single or Multiplayer you could play with a friend, or a Cpu player if you had no friends. The Allied Cpu Player was also not too badly programmed and tended to fare well enough to suffice for something better then a real newbie player at least, though it was still a cpu in all regards. Another great goodie was the addition of.. Okay, I'm drawing a blank here.

There is other things I haven't mentioned and that is because of thinking about them... That you either love or hate it type of thing. This would be referring to Support powers similar to Generals, advanced moves, similar to C&C 3 (reverse move for example which makes vehicles move in reverse) and going back to just one infantry being trained instead of a squad.

My recommendation to anyone is that if your going to buy an RTS of the good old base building, resource gathering, amassing armies and kill your enemies, be it not this one. Either wait for Starcraft II... actually scratch that, I'm having my doubts concerning that game now that I've played C&C Red Alert 3 and seen some of what Starcraft II seems to horrifically include... um.... don't Buy RTS games, get hooked on some other genre, this one isn't doing too well in my opinion.

*I think the hardest thing in that game to micromanage were specific units like the Queen, High Templar, or Science Vessel, or some individual attacks like the Yamoto Cannon, but that isn't really over the top since you couldn't build a tonne of Battlecruisers without sacrificing your total pop.
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