Two New Ones

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Two New Ones

Postby Elen Sila » Sat Mar 27, 2010 8:41 pm

Made a couple new poems recently. They're actually two parts of a whole, thematically speaking.


Stop! Stop!
If I have to hang here all day long
The least you can do is wait
Go! Go!
How I envy your spinning and rushing
But I have another fate
Stop! Stop!
But I am not without a say
In the matter of your aims
Go! Go!
I am not averse to making
Senseless falsehood claims

I have my mechanical whims
By which you must abide
And I will shout them from this place
They made for me to reside
A perch on high for me to watch
You scurry about your routines
If I do say so, I'm king of the rats
Sent here by the machines

You're in a box, sweet Algernon
A wide one, but the same
Though you try to hurry, my gate comes down
And catches you in its frame
I time this maze so it catches you
At cruxes most undue
You might think you're just unlucky
But you don't know I'm watching you

Stop! Stop!
What do you think you're waiting for?
An opening in the flow?
Go! Go!
Don't fool yourself, my darling rodent
But don't also call me foe
Stop! Stop!
You know I was given the mandate
To govern you in my own way
Go! Go!
My mechanical whims won't go unsated
I'm afraid you have no say


There it lies ahead
Three green eyes in the mist
Drawing ever nearer
I clutch the rudder tightly in my fist
Running, running
Rolling, rolling
Rushing, rushing
An ambush of water
Falls upon my right
Rippling up the contours of my sight

On it comes I see
Three green eyes narrowing fast
A sail in the sea breeze
I lack, the wind bites at my mast
Riding, riding
Rocking, rocking
Rending, rending
A murmur of metal
Is moaning overhead
Plummet down the bars of yieldless lead

Those eyes flash red
I skid upon the keel and grind the foam
The wind behind me turns
Fickle whore, go from here and roam
Resisting, resisting
Revolting, revolting
Recoiling, recoiling
An arcane thunder
Thunders all around
Came the cage on all sides down
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